We live for the thrill

My first ice cream.

Hubista is a digital marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to buy and sell physical services within the service categories presented on the platform. With the help of what we call 'digital word of mouth', we enable that buyers can make well informed decisions! With Hubista, the threshold for you as a service provider should be as low as possible so that you can easily create a listing and start selling! Imagine, that you can easily work with your passion, have endless flexibility and earn some money as well! Welcome to create a profile on Hubista and get started with your sales! And for you as a buyer - welcome to a new era of buying services!


We feel that life should be fun, enthusiastic, and full of adventure. We live to create those special moments in life and to make sure people can share them with each other in the best possible way. We live for the thrill.


We put the power into people’s hands. By communicating with a clear and straightforward voice, we give people on both sides a platform and everything they need to make well-informed decisions.


We aspire to help people live life to the fullest. Giving energy, encouraging, and embracing people's needs and passions in a meaningful and lively way is what we do best.


We strive to make everything we offer more trustworthy to everyone involved. Safety is at the centre of who we are. We make sure that all sides of the connections we create can feel that they're in good hands, and that the only surprises they find are the delightful ones.


We believe that storytelling is powerful. It allows people to express themselves and inspire others to do the same. Through personal stories, people are able to relate and feel more connected with the world and each other.