Frequently Asked Questions

General questions - What is Hubista?

What is Hubista ?

Hubista is an online marketplace for physical services. Hubista is making life easier both for buyers and sellers and the ambition is to increase transparency, efficiency and make it easier for both parties to take well informed decisions.

How does it work?

Hubista proving an online platform for services under predefined service categories. Sellers can easily create listings, set prices and be in control of their availability, whereas buyers can easily filter and search for the needed service. Parties can communicate via Hubista in a secure and efficient way at the same time when the payment is processed in the background.

Who decides how / where the service is delivered?

Buyers are in control of the address of the service delivery. The possibilities are endless, choose between home, work or an event venue, the power is in the buyers hands!

Do I need an account to use Hubista?

In order to access to the marketplace both buyers and sellers need to create an account. We have tried to make is as easy as possible and therefore you can log in by using existing Facebook or Google accounts, alternatively you can create an account by using your existing email address.

What kind of services are available on Hubista?

There are five different service categories currently available on the platform:hairdresser, music, photograph & video maker, something to eat and drink and wellness.

How do sellers and buyers communicate with each other?

Once a buyer has found an interesting service, it is available to send enquiry to the seller to clarify some unclarities. Also communication channel is always opened as a result of executed booking.

Instant booking vs. request to book - what’s the difference?

Hubista gives sellers two booking options that will be available for the buyers: instant booking and request to book. Request book enable buyers to send questions to seller prior to sending a booking request. Once the booking request is sent the seller is always able to review the made booking and the seller will have 48 hours to approve the booking. Otherwise the booking will be automatically rejected.

How does it work with guarantees?

Hubista is an online platform provider and Hubista is not providing any guarantees when it comes to the quality, delivery or accuracy of the service. Hubista will aim to increase transparency between sellers and buyers, why Hubista is also giving both buyers and sellers the possibility to leave a review after a successful service delivery and hereby increase the transparency so that buyers get the needed information to make well informed purchase decisions.

Buyers - what should I know?

What are the benefits of buying services through Hubista?

Hubista aims to increase transparency and provide as much information as possible so that you can make well informed decisions. The ambition is to tie together supply and demand so that you, as a buyer, can access and book physical services that previously has been expensive and somewhat cumbersome

Can I get service delivered to my home?

You as a buyer have the power to determine where and when the service should be delivered. Decide between home, work, or any other location and the seller will come to you! As a first phase, the ambition is to launch the platform in predefined cities.

How do I find available services?

Hubista provides a vast variety of flexible filtering options that is designed to help buyers to find the best available option for their needs.

Do I need to share my home address on Hubista?

It’s up to you where you would like to get the service delivered. The address information is collected during the booking process. In order to provide as much information as needed for the seller to approve the booking request, Hubista will provide the postal number and city prior to the booking approval in order to safeguard buyers privacy. After the booking has been accepted by the seller, the comprehensive service delivery address will be revealed to the seller.

How do I pay the service?

The payment information is collected during the check out process and we accept all common credit and debit cards.

Is there a possibility to cancel my booking

The charge will be made on your card once the booking as has been confirmed by the seller.

How do I find the best seller?

Hubista provides vast variety of different filters that will help you the best available service provider for the given price and time.

Seller - How does it work?

What are the benefits of selling services through Hubista?

First and foremost, why wouldnt you try to get some additional bookings through Hubista? The platform is build on an idea that you as a seller dont need to have your own studio or venue, but that you can go to the buyer! This will help you to cut your costs and it will also lower the barrier for buyers to consume more service once it’s literally behind the front door. The aim is that shouldnt take more than 15 minutes to create a listing and start selling and the best thing is that you dont need to sell in order to get gigs. Buyers can browse your availability while you can be focusing on other things. The only action that is required from you is to review the booking request, approve the booking and deliver the service!

How does it work with the availability calendar?

You as a seller are in control of the availability shown on the platform. The calendar will show your availability 6 months forward, and you can easily chance the availability as you go. The ambition has been to make it as easy as possible and therefore we work with so called base availability that will be replicated every week going forward. Also you can add exceptions when it comes to receiving time for example for doctor visits or similar. Last but not least you can add additional time between bookings that will help you to move around between bookings!

Can I choose how buyers can book my services?

In order to provide options we have currently two available options for bookings: request to book and instant booking. As you might guess the request to book option will open a chat functionality before the actual booking is completed. The buyer may have questions such as “what kind of music do you plan”. After the possible unclarities have been clarified the buyer can easily send an instant booking to secure the booking. Through instant booking the buyer will indicate that they would like to book a specific service at a specific time. In order to make sure that you have seen and reviewed the booking, it is required that you as a seller approve the booking within 48 hours from the booking. Otherwise the booking will be automatically cancelled.

How information do I get before approving the booking request?

We aim to provide as much information as possible for you to do well informed decisions. As a seller we will provide you with the booking details: service, time and delivery details covering postal code and city. As the services must be delivered to the predefined address it is important that you make sure that the location suits your planning and schedule! In order to make it even easier you are able to add extra time between the booking in order to secure that you can move from location A to location B in time.

Who decides where the service will be delivered?

As a service provider you will be able to determine the geographical area where you would like to provide your services (e.g. Stockholm or Uppsala). Buyers on the other hand will determine the exact location where the service delivery will take place. However, you will always be able to review the desired service delivery address in prior to accepting the booking. All booking requests must be approved by you as a seller

How and when do I get paid for the gig? What is Stripe?

In order to handle the payments in a secure and efficient way we have partnered up with Stripe. During the listing creation process all sellers are requested to create a Stripe account and provide the needed know your customer information to Stripe together with account details where the payments should be made after successful service delivery. Payment will be mad automatically through Stripe to your account right after service delivery.

What happens if I must cancel the booking?

Both seller and buyer are able to cancel the booking up till 48 hours before service delivery. However, make sure to ensure to keep buyer up to date if you for example are feeling sick or similar. Buyers are relying on the fact that they will be getting a service delivery from you in line with the made booking.

Do I need to pay tax on my income?

Make sure to check with your national tax authority that live up to the national requirements. Hubista does not provide support in tax related questions

Payment service provider

I received an email from Stripe. Who is Stripe? Is this email real?

We have parted up with Stripe to manage payments flows. Updating information about your account is important and required. These updates help protect against fraud and keep your account up to date in line with global Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

Why am I being asked for information about who owns and manages my company?

In certain countries, Stripe is required to collect, verify, and maintain information about a company’s beneficial owners and directors. These requirements come from government regulators and help promote transparency and prevent financial crimes.

What happens if I do not update my information by the deadline?

If you cannot update your account information by the deadline, payouts to your bank account and your ability to accept payments will be paused. We want to make sure that does not happen, so please let us know how we can help.

How do I update my information?

Follow the link from Stripe’s email—the form will prompt you with instructions on how to update your information. It should take less than 5 minutes to update your information. If you need help, you can reach out directly to Stripe Support.